Sourcecode and distribution

We are open to any kind of cooperation. We are looking for partners (traders and integrators) in Croatia and the region that will sell and maintain our application. We offer flexible rebate charts.

Become a dealer, distributor or installer of our program

Buy the source code and earn even more

We offer a fair share of earnings with which you get up to 50% of the value of the license (you get each year for each subsequent year), all depending on the deal and division of the job.

If you want to continue developing the program by yourself and continue to sell it under some other (your own) name, it is possible to buy the source code InfoS – POS cash register at a price of 75000.00 HRK + VAT for the currently available version.The program is written entirely in the C # programming language (development environment .NET) and works with the latest .Net framework 3.5+ (Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7).And afterwards you can buy all the upgrades and changes we make on our side.If you are interested or have any other suggestion for cooperation, please call 098 / 715-663 or send a message and we will arrange the details.

You have a good idea for making something in InfoS better or easier?

The constant development of application InfoS

We are the authors of the program entirely so we can implement all your wishes directly into the code and install such custom POS software for you with no extra cost.

The application is constantly upgraded and it is getting better every day,offering more and more features. This is a guarantee that you will also have the correct version tomorrow when the laws change again.