A lot of noise has been made these days about e-invoices and receiving/sending them by public procurement obligees, so let’s repeat.

From 1.12.2018 public procurement obligees are obliged to receive invoices sent as electronic invoices, and they are also obliged to receive traditional invoices. This is valid until July 1, 2019. until when does the transitional illness of adaptation last.

So, if you send them an invoice by mail between 01.12.2018. and 30.06.2019. they still have to receive such an invoice. But on their side, they must enable the receipt of e-invoices. Some commercial companies that present themselves as information brokers for e-invoices have released semi-information to the public, so it’s worth repeating.

From 01.07.2019 public procurement obligees are obliged to receive and send invoices exclusively in electronic form.

Our POS InfoS software will be upgraded in time to send them directly from the software. What the users who will use this option will have to do is take out the soft – application certificate for signing and sending these invoices to the central FINA system. The price and validity of this certificate is the same as for fiscalization.