e-račun (e-račun za državu i b2b e-račun)
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It can't be simpler

e-račun (e-račun za državu i b2b e-račun)
e-invoice - send in 1 click

It can't be simpler

e-račun (e-račun za državu i b2b e-račun)
QR codes on invoices from 1.1.2021.

It can't be simpler

Prva vijest (akcija)

Until 31.12.2020. switch to our software from another solution and we give you a 50% discount on the annual license for the first year of use.

Najam blagajni

Rental of a complete POS cash register with software from HRK 200.00.

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Easy to use, virtually you can use it without training, POS InfoS is fully produced in Croatia.

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The InfoS program for catering and trade is offered in two licenses. As an annual and permanent license. The annual license fee also includes online and phone support, while in permanent license you only receive it for the first year. Prices starting from 13EUR + VAT.

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We are looking for distributors throughout Croatia and beyond. We offer stimulating rebates and a fair distribution of earnings to the share of service delivery. Contact us and we are confident we will arrange for cooperation.

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The reference list is the highest guarantee of quality and the ratio invested and obtained. Look at our partners and what they say about us.

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Latest news

  • Malwarebytes distribution


  • Fiscalization

    Fiscal modul included.

  • Easy to learn

    Learn how to make an invoice in few minutes.


I’m glad you think about us users and our craft have long been benefiting from this program and we are very pleased with it because it is easy to use and contains everything needed. And one of the things that is very important is that in the every moment we can make contact with the producer of the program. Therefore, all praise and continue with the good work.

Obrt “Zagreb”, Croatia