Rent the entire cash register and InfoS application for catering and trade

Rental rates range from 200.00 kn per day or 280.00 kn per month, depending on the length of rental period, the amount of cash registers you need for rent. Please read more about this on our separate page.

The program can be purchased in several ways. We offer annual and permanent licenses, and rebates for larger quantities.

  • 1. Annual Application License for InfoS for Catering and Trade

    An annual license is paid every year at a price of 1000,00 kn + VAT. This includes our phone and online support, as well as all new versions of the InfoS application that come out for all years of license payments.

  • 2. A permanent application license for InfoS for catering and trade

    Permanent license is payed only once in the amount of 3000,00 kn + VAT. For the first year you get free online and phone support as well as all new versions of the InfoS application that come out in the first year. After the first year have expired program upgrades and our support will be charged according to the valid price list.

  • 3. Order Multiple Licenses (3 or More)

    If you need more licenses at one or several locations, we will make it easier for you to buy by giving a rebate on the amount.They are up to 50% and are negotiated individually in agreement with you.

  • 4. InfoS license with bookkeeping included

    We can offer software with infos and accounting services. Prices for “INFOS + BOOKKEEPING” package start from HRK 500.00 / month for crafts and smaller businesses, we can tell you a precise price after analyzing your requirements.

Package 1

416,00+ DDV €

Package 2

612,00+ DDV €

Package 3

652,00+ DDV €

Pacage 4

1000,00+ DDV €

Infos Order POS applications for Android devices

6 + DDV €/monthly
  • The installation of the communication service with the computer is charged 60 € + VAT (once installed on the main computer).The main cash cash register must be in the same network (LAN / WLAN combination) as well as Android devices (smart phones or tablets) where the mobile application will be installed.

Key in hand system

POS cash registers, systems, computers, printers

Entering initial regulations and products (for catering), training and installation across the entire area is included in the license price (regardless of whether it is permanent or annually). So you get a functional and almost complete solution.

If you are just starting with business you will also need other POS equipment (computer, monitor, POS printer or All-In-One solution that contains all in the same box). We also offer complete equipment and installation of equipment. We offer all from the simple used systems to the All-in-One system. Contact us with confidence.