From 1.1.2021. a mandatory additional part is introduced on invoices that are subject to fiscalization. It is a QR code on the invoices that will be used to check the correctness of the invoice and fiscalization via smartphones and the application. InfoS POS software is already ready to print the specified codes, and by 1 December 2020. all invoices printed with our software that will be upgraded will automatically print QR codes on all fiscalized invoices. All those who have annual licenses, the InfoS POS software will be upgraded automatically, and all those with permanent licenses, please contact us in time.
If you print receipts on a “small” POS printer, the condition for printing QR codes is that you have a thermal printer with graphic emulation (although there are still very few of them to note – older serial printers will have to be replaced with newer ones that work via USB/LPT/bluetooth/ WLAN connections).
If you only print A4 invoices, every existing printer meets the prescribed standards.

QR kod na računima